The Coldwater River and Upper Flat

Caught this youngster on the Coldwater River. He fell for a swung pink Vladi worm tied with UV Pink Ice Dub (rather that the more common material). I haven't fished the Coldwater in a couple years even though it's less than 10 miles from my house. The river hasn't been stocked since 2012 with browns, so this guy is wild. Awesome to see reproduction taking place. I did see a fair number of 8"-10" fish rising for drys. I hooked up with a couple that I'd guess were about that size. I was using a swung Mudler, but both fish popped off. Before I left I walked up stream and hitting the opposite bank with a gold and brown streamer. I rolled one fish that I'd guess was 12" or bigger.

In hopes to redeem my morning I hit the Flat at Fallasburg. Didn't have any better luck. High and fast water. So after I hooked up with this guy I called it quits.

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