Coho Jack

We've continued to have low and clear water on the Flat. It occurred to me last night that maybe I should try something smaller and a little less flashy than what I normally use. Awhile back, I had tied up a bunch of comet style flies, based on some Jay Nicholas/Oregon Fly Fishing blog videos. I had an excellent night a few weeks ago with chartreuse and black comet in low light for bass. But I really like blue and black at first light. I tied on a blue and black comet on a size 4 Gammy B10s this morning and hooked up with this little jack. He took it on the hang down right at the end of a deeper hole that sits on the edge a current seam.

Here is the link to the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog Post and Video:
Jay Nicholas’s Blue Chinook Salmon Comet Fly Tying Video