Fishing - May 12th, 2013

I got on the Rouge River just after 7am.  I was looking for chrome, but almost instantly had some Rouge River gold on the end of my line.

 I fished for a few hours and must have rolled a dozen or more browns, but only ended up bringing two to hand.  So goes streamer fishing especially when you're looking for bigger fish.

There were still Steelhead in the river, some kids fishing downstream from me hooked two and brought in one. They were using Mepps spinners.  I saw one splashing by a shallow log jam and gave it a few swings, but it wasn't interested in playing, so I moved on.

This streamer ended up being my best fly all weekend.  Both on the Flat for smallmouth and browns on the Rouge.  It's just a little white Arctic Fox, silver flashabou, pearl crystal flash topped with some peakcock herl on a size 6 Gamakatsu B10s.  I used a fishskull head, but stuck eyes on it from the next size larger head.  I'm thinking this hook isn't a good match for the smaller browns on the Rouge.  The gap is too large.  I missed tons of fish and I didn't like the way it hooked the ones I did land.  It was a little too damaging.

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