Comeback Smallie

My girls were all napping this afternoon. So I snuck out and swung a few flies. My first time on the river since Maggie was born.  This  17"+ toadie sipped up my fly while stripping my line after the swing. After a few acrobatics we met on the river bank.  I was using a new pattern from Skagit Master 4 - Dave's Bad Hair Day size 4 in olive with copper flashabou and aquamarine polar flash.  I added an Australian Possum sculpin style head with a mallard collar.  What a beast.  This is my biggest river smallie to date.

I ended up losing the actual fly a little while later, but this is another one I'd tied up at the same time...this one is a size 2 and has rubber legs.  Feenstra's Aquatic Nuisance meets Dave's bad hair day.


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