Porcupine Mountains

We  parked at the Government Peak Trailhead, road walked to the Lake Superior Trail and took that to just past the Big Carp River Trail for day one. ~14 miles
We made camp on the “beach” as every campsite was taken.
We found a 6′x’6 area of gravel that was almost sand on the beach and set up there.
Made the decision that due to the injuries on the dogs feet that we needed to take the quickest route back.  So we took the Big Carp River trail to the Lake of the Clouds visitor center and then I caught a ride from some nice folks back to our car. ~10 miles
Lessons Learned:
Always Bring Dog Booties!

The Lake Superior Trail kicked our butts and our dogs had some injuries on their feet as a result of the rocky trail.
So we bailed out early and headed home.
We did have a great time, but I was feeling really irresponsible for putting our dogs in a position to get hurt like that.