Summer Topwater

Tied up some topwater flies today. First off was Scott Howell's Ska-opper (brown/orange above) this fly is awesome, but it took me at least 20 minutes to tie. Looking for something with similar action, but easier and faster to tie I whipped up a good ol' Gartside Gurgler (yellow above). The Gurgler took me about 2 minutes. I had my wife randomly choose the color.  She picked yellow, and it worked out pretty good (see below).

Both flies had really great action on the water, but the Ska-opper is just sick. They both wake great and chug when pulled hard.  The deer hair on the Ska-opper adds some great bubbles and bobbing that reminds me of exactly what a dying sunfish would do when I was a kid and let one go after hooking it too deep.  Although, both the fish I caught came on the Gurgler, I'm planning on still messing around the Ska-opper because it just looks so good in the water.

The weather has been hot and muggy, we are well into summer now.  The rivers are low and clear.  I think big streamer fishing is over (unless we get a ton of rain) until the end of next month when the kings start to run.  We did have a nice afternoon storm today.  This bucket mouth (large mouth) was tight up against the shore when we went out today at around 8:30pm.

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