Sprint Sled to Tobbogan Conversion

Risdon Economy Sled

This winter I decided to add a toboggan bed to my sprint sled. My goal was to open more trail opportunities up (we have limited access to groomed trails). Additionally, this provids a more suitable place for passengers (Emelia) to ride.

I tracked down a local supplier of UHMW plastic for the bed, asked a few questions on SledDogCentral and made the decision to go with thicker 1/4" black UHMW plastic.

After purchasing the plastic, I took the sled apart ditching any unnecessary components and replacing all the hardware with stainless steel.

I ended up cutting the width of the bed a little short, but it still went together ok.  I also made a new smaller and lighter weight drag brake.  One of the challenges of this conversion was remounting the claw brake without interfering with the bed.  I came up with a few good ideas, but in the end decided to just leave the claw brake off.  With the drag brake we wouldn't need the claw brake to stop and I wasn't planning on racing at all this season, so we wouldn't need it to meet race requirements.

Overall the project turned out really well.  The sled retained almost all of its steering flexibility.  It handles deep snow much better and now has a much more suitable passenger compartment.   

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