Half-Fat Bike Experiment - Success

Finally got a chance to try out my new studded rear tire from 45NRTH. Part of the goal my half-fat bike experiment was to come up with a solution that would allow me to train sled dogs when trail conditions deteriorated. This is exactly what we had over the last week. Lost most of our snow, trails where a mix of ice and bare spots with a little fresh accumulation added this AM. I took three dogs out with the goal of a 12-14mph run. The bike performed really well, especially on the straight aways. I was still a little overly cautious on the tighter turns, but I stayed upright for the entire ride. The rear tire handled really well with little to no slipping. These conditions (where a sled and especially skis aren't possible) is exactly the void I was hopping to fill with the bike....and as of today I think it is a success!

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Unknown said...

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