7-dog & 3-dog Loops at Fort Custer

Looking for another opportunity to run more than ten miles we headed to Fort Custer Saturday afternoon.  My goal was to run the 7-dog trail (~6.5 miles) twice and then try for either the 3-dog or 5-dog loop.  Never having once seen a snowmobile at Fort Custer I figured we'd have the place pretty much to ourselves  Wrong...I could hear the whine of snowmobiles flying through the woods the minute I stepped out of my car at the campground trailhead.

We still had some light so I hit the trail.   I was testing out a new bridle I'd put on my sled a well as the short pulka ManMat harnesses I'd just gotten from Howling Dog.  We ended up just doing the 7-dog loop once and then the 3-dog loop once (total GPS mileage of 10.6 miles).  We could hear snowmobiles the whole time, but we only crossed paths with one group of riders, taking a break at the intersection of where the 5 and 7 dog loops dump into the 3-dog loop.  We weaved through them and their sleds easily and continued on our way.

We had a great run. The new bridle system worked awesome and I absolutely love the pulka harnesses.  The heavy snow on the trees along the 7-dog trail made for a beautiful run.

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