First Sled Run!

After work I loaded up the dogs and sled and went looking for some snow. 
We headed to the Allegan State Game Area. The Lake Shore got the first heavy snow yesterday, when we arrived in Allegan there were about 8"-10" on the ground!

This was also Cello's first time actually pulling a sled.

We ran a little over 5 miles down some snowmobile trail and two-tracks.  The off-road trail was really soft and hard going.  The on-road sections were fast but rough and added some more damage to my runner plastic - which is in pretty bad shape from last year.

The dogs ran great.  I started out with them all in single file Cello in lead Paikea in point and Jasper in wheel.  
From Allegan State Game Area

This worked pretty well, but Pai was spreading the line out across the road and this made me kind of nervous in case we had to pass a snowmobiler or hunters.
I moved Paikea back to wheel with Jasper and this worked out well.  
From Allegan State Game Area

Cello kept the line straight and tight the whole way back to the car.  Paikea seems to really like the slightly slower speed of the sled vs. bikejoring - she ran really well.  It's nice having her out on the trail because she knows commands the best and helps to turn the other dogs around, etc.  Jasper was perfect as usual running hard and steady.  Cello, the natural ran great her first time pulling a sled and in solo lead in the dark no less.  She took all the turns I called out and followed our trail back to the car exactly.     


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SusanE said...

You're car looks like mine when I take the dogs on an outing away from home.

I don't have to do it often since I live out in the bush. This is a good thing because my husband isn't fond of dog hair in the car.